Howdy, Cowboys and Cowgirls.  Have you ever thought what it was like in the Old West when Gunslingers had to draw fast and hit their target sometimes just to stay alive?

Well, you can get that feeling shooting with the Wisconsin Peacekeepers. We shoot at targets with 45 caliber single action revolvers and wax bullets.  We do shoot against an opponent.

You’re standing on the line, you look at your opponent and you know you have to draw, shoot, and hit your target before he draws and hits his target.

You’re both standing there ready to draw, waiting for the light to go on in the center of your targets. When the lights go on you both draw and fire.  You think you did your best, but was it good enough? The announcer announces your time and your opponents time. You were a little faster this time, but you know the round is not over yet.

Cowboy Fast Draw is probably the fastest growing shooting sport in the country. Men, women, and youth are shooting this great sport. The Wisconsin Peacekeepers practice twice a month (see practice schedule).

Don’t worry if you don’t have a gun or holster, we have everything you need to try shooting Cowboy Fast Draw.

If you want to read more about Cowboy Fast Draw go to the Cowboy Fast Draw link on left or better yet come out and give it a try.


If you have any questions you can call
Ron Nyhouse at 715-754-2469 or
Don Smith at 715-423-2046.

We hope ta see ya soon!

We think you will find this video both interesting as well as informative.